A person's name is part of their cultural identity; accurate name pronunciation builds toward an inclusive learning environment.

Namecoach is a service Cal Poly Pomona uses to advance Inclusive Excellence in our daily interactions. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to participate by creating an audio recording and phonetic description of their names as part of their BroncoIdentity.

What are the benefits in providing a Namecoach recording?

  • Namecoach provides your recording to members of the Cal Poly Pomona community though Canvas so others may verify they are addressing you correctly.
  • Namecoach also provides a public profile and recording URL allowing you to share it anywhere you feel is appropriate.
    • Email signatures 
    • Social media profiles 
    • Personal websites 
    • Project presentations

Namecoach is opt-in

  • If you choose not to participate, do not record your name, using Namecoach is optional. 
  • Visit our eHelp article for information on how to opt-out after recording your name and creating a profile.
  • You can opt-out or in at any time. 

Why pronunciation matters