Policy for the Sale of Non-Food Items on Campus

General Guidelines


  1. A maximum of five (5) different types of items may be sold on a one time basis on campus (i.e., silver or gold jewelry, posters, craft items, etc.). No merchandise, according to University policy (210.4), may be in conflict with items sold in the Bronco Bookstore or have the University or Bronco logo imprinted on the items. 

Club Vendor Program

The Club Vendor Program is a flat rate, 1-week program designed for club and organization fund raising. The Office of Student Life coordinates this program and receives a portion of the non-refundable commission of $350 for administrative fees with the remaining money paid to the sponsoring club or organization. Holiday weeks may be scheduled at the rate of $70 per day with the same document requirements. 

The vendor must have the following on file in the Office of Student Life 2 weeks prior to their scheduled dates on campus:

  1. A signed Vendor Agreement.
  2. A current and valid California Resale License or Federal ID number.
  3. An 1 million dollar Insurance Certificate of Liability and an Insurance Endorsement with scheduled dates on campus.
  4. Cashiers Check or Money Order made out to the Office of Student Life.

A $200 fine will be imposed on any unauthorized solicitors to the Cal Poly Pomona campus. A $75 cancellation fee will apply to late cancellations. A $200 fine will be imposed on any vendor violating University or OSL policy. Violators will not be permitted to schedule on campus until all fines are paid in full. 

The Vendor shall be responsible for their own equipment (i.e. tables, chairs, canopy, generator etc.), unless prior arrangements are made with sponsoring club. The university cannot supply electricity. 

The vendor may schedule up to 2 individual weeks per quarter on campus. Set up may begin at 7:30 AM and take down at 5PM. The campus will allow up to 4 venders per week on campus. 

In case of rain or Act of God, the sale days will be rescheduled through the Vendor Program Coordinator, Office of Student Life. If weather conditions occur after 12 noon, no rescheduled day will be provided. Rescheduling is at the discretion of the Office of Student Life. 

The Vendor must post a copy of the Vendor Certificate at the location each day of the scheduled week, keep a copy of the Application for Schedule of Event (ASE) form with them at all times and provide to University personnel upon request (The Office of Student Life will provide this documentation). 

Vendors must sell only merchandise specified in the Vendor Agreement. Vendors may not sell, or give away any food items or goods which are in direct competition with that sold by the University Union or Bronco Bookstore. 

Vendors are responsible for representatives acting on their behalf. Representatives are responsible for complying with all CSU and University terms and conditions as well as state laws. 

Vendors and/or their representatives may only employ students, or student clubs or organizations to sell products or services on their behalf at the approved vending site. 

Vendors may unload from the fire lane (sidewalks) and then purchase a daily Visitors Parking Pass from the Visitor's Booth or one of the parking pass machines and park in an appropriate visitor parking lot (usually lots D or F - excluding F1). 

The vendor must remove and dispose of any boxes or debris from the park at the close of each day. 

The Office of Student Life reserves the right to refuse vendors/or vendor sponsorship or to terminate any agreement for any reason, at any time in the Club Vendor Program.

Special Events and Programs

Exceptions to the Vendor Program are made at the discrepancy of the Office of Student Life and are typically situations where vendors are invited guests and part of a scheduled campus program, for example:

  • University-wide events co-sponsored by vendors 

  • Club and Organization sponsored events where vendors are co-sponsors 

  • Situations where vendors are invited guests and part of a scheduled campus program.

(Note: A list of vendors should be turned in to OSL with the ASE form.) 

Date Approved: 9-16-99