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The Academic Manual is an online central repository for all academic policies at Cal Poly Pomona. It contains academic policies that have come into existence as a result of the shared governance structure at Cal Poly Pomona. The development and/or revision of campus policies starts with a referral submitted to the Academic Senate. Through research, consultation, and careful deliberation, the Academic Senate adopts policies, which are then transmitted to the President for review and approval. Following approval by the President, the policy is included in this Academic Manual.

Through the diligent work of the Academic Senate, a system of categorization was proposed for academic policies. This system categorizes polices by broad functional areas and assigns blocks of policy numbers to each area. The areas included in the Academic Manual are:

Policy Numbers Area
100 – 200 Organization and Shared Governance
1000 – 1099 Academic Organization and Services
1100 – 1199 Curricular Policies
1200 – 1299 Research and Instructional Support
1300 – 1399 Academic Personnel Policies
1400 – 1499 Academic Standards and Regulations
1500 – 1599 General Policies
1600 – 1699 Grading and Student Affairs

Please use the left navigation bar to browse through the policies. Alternatively use the search feature ("Search Academic Manual") to search for specific policies.

Note: Please note that the process of importing old policies into the academic manual is laborious and requires significant research. This work is ongoing, with the ultimate aim that all academic policies will be included in the Academic Manual.