Presidential Order

Notice of Orders Issued Pursuant to Title 5, Calif. Code of Regulation 41301 (1)s

As required by Title 6, Calif. Code of Regulations 41301 (1), the following orders which have been promulgated by the President of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona are hereby directed to be posted on the University's Official Bulletin Board. Violation of any of these orders is grounds for expulsion, suspension, or probation pursuant to Title 5, Calif. Code of Regulations 41301. In addition, violation of any federal, state, county, city or campus regulation is grounds for expulsion, suspension, or probation.

A. Alcoholic Beverages

Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus by persons under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited. The use of alcoholic beverages by persons 21 years of age or older is permitted only in student residential areas as designated by the Director of University Housing Services or the Director of the Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc. Kegs of alcoholic beverages, regardless of type or size, are prohibited in student residences. Alcoholic beverages may be purchased in designated food service operations, and may be served at specified events upon the approval of the Vice President for Student Affairs.

B. Bare Feet in University Buildings

In order to facilitate safety and floor maintenance, individuals with bare feet are prohibited from entering University buildings, with the exception of appropriate areas of University housing facilities and physical education facilities.

C. Camping or Other Unofficial Lodging on University Premises

Camping on University property or living in privately owned, temporary lodging parked or erected on University property is prohibited without written permission of the University.

D. Pets on Campus

Pets will be allowed on campus only when on a leash and accompanied by their owner. No animals, except when being used for official University instructional purposes, and/or guide dogs, will be permitted inside campus buildings without prior approval of the University.

E. University Keys

No person shall knowingly make, duplicate, cause to be duplicated, use, or attempt to make, duplicate, cause to be duplicated, or use, or have in his/her possession any keys to a building or other area owned, operated, or controlled by the University without authorization from the person in charge of such building or area or his/her designated representative.

F. Alarms

Tampering with, molesting, or maliciously sending, giving, transmitting, or sounding any false alarm by any means of any public alarm system or signal or by any other means or methods is prohibited.

G. Graduation Writing Test

Any student who cheats or furnishes false information in connection with the Graduation Writing Test will normally be subject to the following disciplinary sanctions, pursuant to Title 5, California Code of Regulations 41301 (1):

A first offense will result in a one-year suspension from the University. A second offense will result in expulsion from the University.

H. Attempted Theft

Attempted theft of campus property, or property in the possession of, or owned by, a member of the campus community will be treated in the same manner as actual theft under Section 41301 (f) of the California Code of Regulations.

I. Discharge of Firearms or Any Other Device Intended to Project A Missile

Without specific permission from the President or designee, it shall be prohibited on property or areas under the control of the University, for any person to fire, discharge, shoot, or operate, or to assist or participate in the firing, discharging, shooting or operating, or have in his or her possession, care, custody or control, any gun, revolver, pistol, firearm, pellet gun, paint gun, spring gun, air gun, sling, sling shot, or device designed, or intended, to discharge, or capable of discharging any dangerous missile, or any cartridge, shell ammunition, or device, designed or intended to be used in or fired from, any gun, revolver, pistol, or firearm, or other device intended to project a missile.

Without specific permission from the President or designee, it shall be prohibited to engage in, participate in, or assist participants in any game which involves the ambushing, lying-in-wait for, or following another person by means of stealth; or to participate or assist in the participation in any game which would involve the firing of any device as defined in the preceding paragraph.

A person shall not shoot any arrow or similar missile, and a person shall not cause or permit any arrow or similar missile to be shot on University property, except as a part of a University course of study or official sponsored activity.

J. Additional Causes for Disciplinary Action

Among the specific causes for which the University may take disciplinary action are: being convicted by a court of competent jurisdiction of a misdemeanor or a felony involving moral turpitude, or of a felony resulting from behavior which indicates that the student's presence on campus would constitute a threat to the safety or welfare of the University community; any actions which are deemed unlawful by California statute and which occur on the campus or other areas of University control; and repeated violations of University rules and regulations.