Violence, Zero Tolerance

Subject: Violence, Zero Tolerance 
Policy Number:   1.6
Date Adopted: 
Last Revised:  October 7, 2002

Policy Statement:

The University has zero tolerance for threats or acts of violence against members of the campus community. 

The University prohibits and will take decisive action to eliminate: 

  • verbal or written harassment 
  • acts which can be interpreted as physical assault 
  • threats to harm someone or endanger the safety of others 
  • behaviors or actions interpreted by a reasonable person as carrying the potential for violence and/or acts of aggression 
  • threats to destroy, or the actual destruction of, property 
  • possession of a weapon (Penal Code 626.9 prohibits bringing a firearm, knife or dangerous weapon onto the campus of a public school including the California State University). 

Such conduct is subject to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from employment, expulsion from the University, or civil or criminal prosecution, as appropriate. 



Report any threats of violence immediately to Public Safety x3070, and

Students: Student Conduct and Integrity x6985

Employees (Staff/Student): Your Supervisor 

Faculty: Appropriate Dean's Office 

Program Administrator: Sharon Reiter, Human Resource Services