University Key Issuance and Control

Policy Number:   3.2
Date Adopted:   Campus practice converted to interim policy March 3, 2005
Last Revised:  Reformatted (no change in context) October 23, 2005

Policy Statement:

As a state-supported institution, Cal Poly Pomona is committed to assuring access to its buildings and facilities to promote the smooth operation and educational mission of the University while maintaining the security of its buildings and facilities and their contents and other University property and records and to protect the safety of all members of the University community.

The Vice President for Administrative Affairs has overall responsibility for campus buildings and facilities.  The University Policy Department has the primary responsibility for the safety of persons and the security of university buildings and property.  The Facilities Planning and Management Department (FPM) has responsibility for the maintenance of locks, lock hardware, issuing of keys, record keeping, coding and storing of keys, and similar devices.  

The Approving Authority (as defined below) has the responsibility to ensure that keys are issued to individual users in accordance with the Key Issuance and Control Policy.  The person to whom a key(s) is issued is responsible to use the key(s), provide notice of a lost key(s), return the key(s) and otherwise comply with the requirements of the Policy and written procedures.

Approving Authority: The dean of an academic college or department or the head of an administrative unit is the Approving Authority for the issuance of a key(s) that accesses a building(s) assigned to the college/department or administrative unit; the Vice President of a division is the Approving Authority for the issuance of a Building Master Key(s) and Department Master Key(s) which access buildings assigned to the division; the University President is the Approving Authority for the issuance of a Grand Master Key(s) which accesses multiple buildings; and the Director of Student Health Center is the Approving Authority for Keys to the Student Health Center and Pharmacy.


Vice President for Administrative Affairs


California Penal Code Section 469