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In line with the California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, University Strategic Plan, the Pre-College TRIO programs strive to produce high‐quality programming and activities that respond to the needs of the region. In addition, the programs focus on continually expanding community access to postsecondary education opportunities, particularly for disadvantaged and non‐traditional students. The success of these programs has distinguished Cal Poly Pomona as one of the few campuses in the nation to host eight pre-college TRIO programs.

The TRIO Pre-College Programs at Cal Poly Pomona are designed to generate the skills and motivation necessary for success in education beyond high school among low‐income and potential first‐generation college students who are enrolled in surrounding Cal Poly Pomona Local Area High Schools. The programs assist students in successful completion of high school and entry into postsecondary education by accomplishing program goals and objectives. All services and activities are offered and provided at no cost to participants or their families. Each program component is geared to assist students to become (1) more informed of the educational, social, and cultural opportunities available at postsecondary institutions, (2) acquaint participants with the range of career options available to them, (3) assist students in developing and implementing effective life skills, and (4) assist students in successfully gaining admittance and being retained at postsecondary institutions.

  •  1964
    • Lyndon B. Johnson declares "War on Poverty" which paves the way for the Economic Opportunity Act of 1964
  •  1965
    • Upward Bound becomes the first outreach program of its kind
    • The Higher Education Act of 1965 is passed
    • Talent Search is added as a second outreach program to help prepare low-income and first-generation students for college
  •  1968
    • Student Support Services (SSS), a program for college students, was authorized by the Higher Education Amendments as the third in a series of educational opportunity programs 
    • The term "TRIO" is coined to describe these federal programs
  •  1972
    • TRIO adds
      • Equal Opportunity Centers (Community-based)
      • Veterans initiative added to Upward Bound (VUB)
  •  1976
    • Training Program for Federal TRIO Program
  •  1986
    • Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Programs is established
  •  1990
    • Math Science Initiatives are added to the Upward Bound Programs to address the need for specific instruction in the fields of math and science.

Established in 1995, the Pre-College TRIO programs have been hosted by Cal Poly Pomona for nearly 30 years. All nine programs are fully funded by U.S. Department of Education grants totaling $2,558,816 annually to serve over 1,400 students. While not a recruiting mechanism for the host institution, they share in the commitment to educational advancement and equity.

  •  1995
    • UB Classic North
      • Montclair HS, Pomona HS, and Village Academy (2003)
      • Current funding 85 students | $424,200
  • 1998
    • UBMS North
      • Montclair HS and Pomona HS
      • Current funding 50 students | $309,505
  • 2003
    • UB Classic South
      • Garey HS and Ontario HS
      • Current funding 70 students | $347,603
  • 2009
    •  UBMS South
      • Garey HS and Village Academy
      • Current funding 50 students | $309,505
  • 2011
    •  ETS Chino Valley
      • Chino HS, Chino Valley Learning Academy, and Don Antonio Lugo High School
      • Current funding 500 students | $275,200
  • 2012
    • UB Chino Valley
      • Chino HS and Don Lugo HS
      • Current funding 60 students | $297,601
  • 2017
    • UB West
      • Chaffey HS, Fremont Academy, and Ganesha HS
      • Current funding 70 students | $297,601
    • UBMS West
      • Fremont Academy, Ganesha HS, and Ontario HS
      • Current funding 60 students | $297,601
  • 2021
    •  ETS Chaffey Joint
      • Chaffey HS, Montclair HS, and Ontario HS
      • Current funding 500 students | $275,200
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