Safer Return at Cal Poly Pomona

Air Filtration

Upgrades to Ventilation Systems Underway

The university has replaced standard air filters in HVAC systems with high-efficiency filters as an added safety measure against COVID-19 virus. 

As of Aug. 12, high-performance MERV 13 filters have been installed in HVAC systems in: 

  • Building 1
  • Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture (Building 2)
  • Science Laboratory (Building 3)
  • Biotechnology Building (Building 4)
  • College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences (Building 5)
  • College of Education and Integrative Studies (Building 6)
  • College of Environmental Design (Building 7)
  • College of Science (Building 8)
  • College of Engineering (Building 9)
  • Art Department and Engineering Annex (Building 13)
  • University Library (Building 15)
  • Engineering Laboratories (Building 17)
  • Music Building (Building 24)
  • Drama Department/Theatre (Building 25)
  • Darlene May Gymnasium (Building 41)
  • Kellogg Arena (Building 43)
  • Agricultural Engineering (Building 45)
  • Student Health Center (Building 46)
  • The Collins College of Hospitality Management (Buildings 79, 79A, 79B and 80)
  • Interim Design Center (Building 89)
  • Laboratory Facility (Building 92)
  • CLA (Building 98)
  • Police and Parking Services (Building 109)
  • Student Services Building (Building 121)
  • College of Business Administration (Buildings 162, 163 and 164),
  • Center for Regenerative Studies (Building 209)
  • AGRIscapes/Farm Store (Building 211).

In buildings with HVAC systems that cannot accommodate MERV 13 filters, air cleaners and air scrubbers will be deployed to provide an added layer of risk reduction. An initial order of 200 air scrubbers arrived in late July. (See guidelines on deployment of air scrubbers). 

Guidelines for Air Cleaners and Air Scrubbers

The university has issued guidelines on the deployment of portable air cleaners and air scrubbers. The guidelines set parameters for obtaining and deploying portable air cleaners and air scrubber units on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Air Scrubber