Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation


LSAMP works in collaboration with the MEP and SEES programs to provide academic support, advising, opportunities for career networking, undergraduate research opportunities and preparation for graduate school. Activities to support STEM students begin with entering freshman and transfer students and continue to graduation. See links below.

Lower Division Students

Academic Excellence Workshops (AEWs) through MEP & SEES

AEWs are offered in the foundation courses of Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Statics and Dynamics. Participants regularly attending the workshops, earn a stipend, higher grades and graduate sooner than non-workshop participants. Many participants go on to become facilitators themselves, reinforcing their own knowledge while helping others and earning some money toward their education.

Upper Division Students

Undergraduate Research

Sophomores to Seniors can apply for funds to support faculty-sponsored research at Cal Poly and national/international opportunities.

  • Other Research experiences on and off-campus: LSAMP advisors will assist students in finding suitable summer and academic year research experiences. Also check out the links on the right (UR Bronco and Biotechnology Internships) for other programs.
  • Check out Summer Research Programs for the Summer of 2014. Deadlines are close...
  • CSU-LSAMP Scholarships Juniors & Seniors can apply for funds to support faculty-sponsored research at Cal Poly, GRE and expenses related to grad school applications.
  • Graduate School Preparation
  • STEM Conferences Apply next winter for the Diversity Conference in Graduate Education TBA Spring 2012 

Please check the Apply page for LSAMP application information and student eligibility requirements.