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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. All new and existing clubs and organizations must register annually.

Yes, any enrolled student can start a new club. You will need a faculty/staff advisor, 5 members (3 people for the executive board, President, Treasurer, and Scheduler).

Registrations are reviewed as received, and will depend on the accuracy of the submitted registration. Generally speaking, it could take up to four weeks.

Yes. fraternity and sorority organizations must register each year.

You must be enrolled in at least 6 units, have a 2.0 term and cumulative GPA, and be in good judicial standing.

The newly-elected President, Treasurer, and Scheduler of each club and organization must attend. We strongly recommend that Vice Presidents attend, but it is not mandatory. There is a CORE Workshop for each of the three positions: Account Finance, Event Scheduling, Presidents.

Presidents and Treasurers must complete both CORE Account Finance Workshop AND the CORE Finance Training in Canvas.

*The President or Treasurer can also be the Scheduler. The President cannot also be Treasurer.

You do not have to attend with the officers in your club. 

All documents are posted on both the Club Registration webpage, as well as the CORE organization page in myBAR.


Yes! The ASI Account Registration form requires electronic signatures.

Personal emails will not be accepted -- only CPP email addresses for ALL members.

You do not need to attend multiple workshops as long as you hold the same position for both clubs and or organizations. If you hold a different position, you will need to attend that specific workshop.

No, you may not conduct any business, or inquiries, on behalf of your organization until you have received notification that your organization has successfully completed the registration process.

The person who submitted the registration (President) will receive an email confirmation in their myBAR account once the registration has been approved.

The person (President) who submitted the registration will receive a email in their myBAR account with information on what needs to be corrected, as well as info on how to resubmit the registration.

Once the registration is re-submitted, it will be enetered at the end of the queue. All corrections must be submitted by the specified deadline.

Your organization will not be registered.

No, the President, Treasurer and Scheduler of each organization must attend all CORE Pre-Registration workshops.

Contact in Campus Recreation to learn more about starting a new sport club.