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Student Innovation Idea Labs

Equipment Training

How To Get Started

All of the equipment within the SIIL spaces are free to use during operational hours; however, students, faculty, and staff must complete the necessary steps in order to use our machinery: 

Step 1: Complete the myBAR form to gain access to the equipment training videos via Canvas. 

Step 2: Watch all of the videos in each module and complete the quiz at the end. You must score 100% on the quiz. There are unlimited attempts. 

Step 3: Physically come into one of our spaces during technician office hours to complete the in-person component, where you will demonstrate the knowledge gained from the workshop(s). In order to sign up for the in person training you must score 100% on the quiz. 

Step 4: Receive a card to confirm your certification.  

Step 5: Use our equipment at your leisure! 

If you have any questions, please email us (siil@cpp.edu) or contact us through Instagram (@siil.cpp). 

 Sign up for equipment training here

Office Hours

 Hours for Fall 2023