Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiative 1

Deliver Quality Programs that Promote Integrative Learning, Discovery and Creativity


  • Every major is structured to provide pathway(s) or course(s) that engage students in experiential/applied learning
  • All students use strategic pathways to have an integrated, linked co-curricular and academic experience
  • Interdisciplinary centers of excellence provide distinction to the university and synergistic opportunities for student and faculty research, professional development, and service across multiple disciplines
  • All undergraduate students have a coherent and integrated experience that may include guided pathways or themes through the GE program

Goals and Objectives

  1. Apply the eight elements of our polytechnic identity as a framework to classify existing experiences and projects in academic, co-curricular and student development programs
  2. Develop and enhance integrated academic, cocurricular and student development pathways with critical milestones
  3. Track participation in and assess the impact of signature polytechnic experiences on student learning and success to inform continual enhancement of student learning

  1. Use the ‘Learn Through Discovery’ framework to ensure that every CPP student engages in creativity, discovery and innovation
  2. Support the professional development of faculty to engage more students in interdisciplinary and problem-based learning; apply new modalities of teaching; and develop innovative learning experiences for students
  3. Promote and support a graduate culture and ensure that graduate programs meet the needs of diverse student learners and incorporate the elements of an inclusive polytechnic education

  1. Create ‘Interdisciplinary Thematic Scholarly Communities’ to leverage cross-disciplinary collaboration in strategic areas of distinction
  2. Use faculty cluster hiring to promote opportunities for faculty and students to engage in research, discovery, and innovation
  3. Target and manage 50 corporate partnerships with leading firms based on identified industry clusters and select regional and national organization aligned with our centers of excellence

  1. Develop a shared understanding and statement of the meaning and purpose of the General Education program at a polytechnic university
  2. Update the General Education learning outcomes to more closely align with the eight elements of an inclusive polytechnic education

How We Will Measure Our Progress

  • Student participation in signature polytechnic experiences
  • Corporate partnerships
  • Recognition and support for teaching and curricular innovation