Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiative 2

Enhance Student Learning, Development and Success


  • Students receive intentional, consistent guidance from the point of admission to one year after graduation to integrate their learning and prepare them for post-collegiate life
  • Cal Poly Pomona successfully eliminates opportunity gaps and actively addresses distinct needs in the performance of students
  • Retention and graduation rates increase for all Cal Poly Pomona students
  • The majority of administrative services are available online to students in a mobile platform
  • More students participate in experiences that create community and prepare them to make meaningful civic and global contributions
  • The university adopts and promotes a holistic approach to student health and well-being that supports an inclusive and caring community

Goals and Objectives

  1. Redesign the first year of college to better prepare entering students for academic and personal success by providing an effective transition to the university from admission to the end of the first year
  2. Utilize intentionally designed pathways and roadmaps with critical success markers which foster student success through undergraduate research, innovation and community engagement
  3. Expand and deepen our relationships with business, industry and community partners to support the academic and co-curricular experience of our students in college and beyond

  1. Broaden and strengthen support for underserved students through targeted interventions; enhanced academic advising; and proven, academic, social and financial supports
  2. Improve year-to-year persistence through early alerts, facilitated academic planning, removing administrative barriers and providing financial literacy education
  3. Create a communications campaign to increase the participation of underserved students in high impact practices such as internships, community service, research and study abroad

  1. Adopt data-informed and effective strategies to reach and address the advising and academic support needs of students
  2. Expand course redesign and faculty development efforts to adopt equity-minded pedagogies and practices and enhance academic support interventions to increase student success in critical pathway courses and those with high failure rates and equity gaps
  3. Implement a multi-year strategic enrollment management plan that supports access, timely progress to degree and student success
  4. Mount a fundraising campaign to promote and solicit scholarships targeted to improve student retention and close opportunity gaps

  1. Ensure that the digital environment is intentional, secure, accessible and customized to the information needs of each student
  2. Ensure that students have access to actionable and meaningful data that facilitates their progress toward graduation
  3. Provide access to flexible technologies that improve communications with students

  1. Expand and promote inclusive experiences that create a sense of community and belonging for students
  2. Identify and expand meaningful campus traditions to promote our mission and campus spirit

  1. Develop a framework that addresses the multiple dimensions of student wellness, self-care and resiliency
  2. Establish a sustainable model and partnership to provide access to basic needs support and services for students

How We Will Measure Our Outcomes

  • Retention and graduation rates of freshmen and transfer students and the elimination of equity gaps
  • Student engagement in campus experiences that contribute to an increased sense of belonging and satisfaction