Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiative 3

Prepare Our Students for the Future of Work, Human & Civic Engagement


  • Students demonstrate essential skills and competencies that prepare them for a variety of dynamic and rapidly changing professional experiences
  • Students have sequenced academic and co-curricular experiences supported by coordinated planning among the colleges, academic programs, the Career Center and Alumni Relations
  • The university fosters expanded student engagement in interdisciplinary research and community-based projects

Goals and Objectives

  1. Transform career readiness to better prepare students for the future of work and civic engagement
  2. Align institutional communities learning outcomes and the development of essential skills with academic and cocurricular experiences
  3. Engage parents and families in the life of the university to support student success

  1. Develop a framework and action plan for ensuring students’ career readiness and the ability to adapt to the evolving nature of work
  2. Integrate career readiness experiences into academic and co-curricular road maps
  3. Continue to increase the number of quality service-learning, internship, cooperative education and volunteer opportunities

  1. Implement civic engagement programs that identify and address problems and needs of local and regional institutional communities
  2. Facilitate the involvement of all first-year students in civic engagement programs and opportunities
  3. Create an advisory council to collaborate with community partners in identifying concerns and regional needs

How We Will Measure Our Progress

  • Student participation in internships, service learning, research and creative activies
  • Levels and varieties of family and parental engagement
  • Student participation in career readiness programs and services
  • Community partnerships