Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiative 5

Advance Organizational Development and Employee Excellence


  • The university fosters a culture of care for employees that is people-centered and helps to develop their skills and talents
  • The university promotes cross-divisional collaboration and supports, recognizes and celebrates the achievement of teams
  • The university attracts, hires and retains a diverse workforce including increased faculty diversity and tenure density
  • More faculty and staff participate in and benefit from personal and professional development activities
  • University systems and processes are streamlined and optimized

Goals and Objectives

  1. Design and deliver an integrated employee development framework to build organizational capacity

  1. Establish a culture and an infrastructure of addressing institutional challenges and opportunities by empowering high-performing, cross-functional teams
  2. Implement best practices in recognizing teamwork and new ways of celebrating the achievement of teams

  1. Implement a multi-year model for hiring tenure track faculty
  2. Provide search committees and hiring managers with additional support and tools to increase the size, strength and diversity of employee applicant pools

  1. Provide enhanced support for faculty engagement in teaching innovation; research, scholarship and creative activities; advising; and curricular development and assessment
  2. Offer a range of personal and professional development opportunities for employees tailored to specific roles and pathways for career advancement

  1. Develop a multi-year capital improvement plan for campus infrastructure in alignment with strategic priorities
  2. Routinely assess processes and services to improve efficiency and enhance performance
  3. Develop and implement a comprehensive sustainability plan that leverages our unique assets and location and that addresses areas such as natural resources, buildings and facilities, transportation and procurement