Division of Student Affairs

Budget & HR

Employment Action Requests

The Division has built an easy online form to automatically send in requests relating to:

  • Permanent/Long Term Recruitments
  • Temporary Emergency Recruitments
  • Reclassifications
  • In-Range Progressions
  • Recommendations to Appoint

Please click below to access the form for any of these requests.

Performance Evaluations


Performance Evaulation Timeline

Access Performance Evaulation Forms

Access Bargaining Contracts

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One Time & Permanent Budget Request Process

If your department has a need outside of your normal operational funding, we request the department head request for a new budget allocation through their Associate Vice President. The Division reviews one-time (temporary) requests twice a year and will review permanent request once a year during our 3 year budget request process with University Financial Services. Requests submitted with assessment related data are highly encouraged.

  • One time funding from the Division’s resources: September/ October 2019
  • Permanent funding and one time funding from the university’s resources: December 2019 through February 2020 to be disbursed for use in the following fiscal year.

The Director of Budget and Resources will work with the Student Affairs Leadership Team when each process starts. Department heads are encouraged to keep ongoing communication with their Associate Vice Presidents on needs so that when the time comes it is supported with sufficient information.

Below are links to more common forms you will need in relation to processing fiscal transactions. Payments for goods and services should seldom be done with personal cards. The two main options to process payments would be State P-Card or through a Purchase Order. A direct pay may be used with a P-card or purchase order was not an option.

Other Common Forms

Money Icon

Direct Pay, Disbursement Voucher

State Side

Foundation Services

Philanthropic Foundation

One-on-One/Department Training

Contact Kaitlyn Sedzmak, Director of Budget & Resources, to schedule.