Division of Student Affairs

Assessment, Data and Evaluation (ADE)

Assessment Data and Evaulation

We strive to coordinate division-wide assessment efforts aimed at ensuring student success, integrating students into campus life, and addressing the holistic development of all CPP students. The Assessment, Data and Evaluation team with the division assists with:

We're here to guide staff and students through processes and experiences, assisting with problem solving and finding solutions that support student success through support. 

Data Request? Email ade@cpp.edu.

ADE Core Functions

Definition of Outcomes


  • Detailed assessment outline for an academic year that includes a purpose statement and numerous strategies such as an internal data collection framework, defining student focused outcomes, and more.

Survey Design

Program/Service Data


  • Qualtrics survey asking students to provide feedback on a division department, initiative, etc. 

Quantitative; Qualitative; Mixed-methods


  • Excel sheet with descriptive findings of data from a given department, with a breakdown of demographics, student status, and more.

IRPA; Academic Resources; Admissions, etc


  • Census Enrollment data student list


Our Data-Driven Decision-Making Framework

ADE Cycle


Logic Models

Think of logic model as 'if then' statements