Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs Organization Chart

Org Chart
  1. Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students

    Christina M. Gonzales

    1. Chief of Staff

      Dr. Kaitlyn Sedzmak

      Associated Students, Inc.

      Dr. Liz Roosa Millar, Executive Director

      Intercollegiate Athletics

      Brian Swanson, Athletic Director

    1. Student Experience

      Dr. Megan Stang, Associate Vice President

      1. Associate Dean of Students, Student Experience

        Dr. Rachel Camacho

        1. New Student Programs & Family Engagement

          David Estudiante, Director

        2. Student Engagement, Leadership and Success (SELS)

          Jason Lu, Interim Director

        3. Project Rebound

      2. Rose Float

        Cary Khatab, Director

      3. Children's Center

        Celeste Salinas, Director

      4. University Housing Services (UHS)

        Jon Merchant, Executive Director

      5. Clery

    2. Equity & Belonging

      Dr. Jonathan Grady, Senior Associate Vice President

      1. Associate Dean of Students, Student Equity & Belonging

        Dr. Armando Madrid

        1. Student Support & Equity Programs

          Leticia Guzman Scott, Executive Director

          1. EOP

          2. Renaissance Scholars

          3. Undocumented Services

        2. Cultural and Identity Initiatives

          Joel Gutierrez, Senior Director

        3. Veterans Resource Center

          Elke Azpeitia, Director

      2. Inclusive CPP and EDI

    3. Student Wellbeing & Support

      Hallie Lewis, Associate Vice President

      1. Interim Associate Dean of Students

        Weston Prisbrey

        1. Students of Concern

        2. Care Center

          Marysol Mendoza, Director

      2. Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

        Dr. Kell Fujimoto, Director

        1. Survivor Advocacy Services

      3. Student Health & Wellness Services

        Rita O'Neill, Director

        1. Pharmacy

        2. Bronco Wellness Center

      4. Disability Resource Center (DRC)

        Ana Quiroz, Director