Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs New Hires

New Hires

Join us in extending a warm welcome to the newest members of our Division, or congratulating those who have recently changed roles! This page is updated quarterly.

Division-Wide Support

Staci Gunner

Interim Director, Student Conduct and Integrity

Joel Gutierrez

Senior Director, Cultural and Identity Initiatives

Weston Prisbrey

Interim Associate Dean of Students

Jason M. Lu

Interim Director, Student Engagement, Leadership and Success (SELS)

Kell Fujimoto, Psy.D.

Director, Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Kenneth Partner

Senior Coordinator, Male Success Initiatives

Wendy Cordova

Associate Director, Centers for Transformation, Retention, Equity and Empowerment (TREE)

David Estudiante

Interim Director, Office of New Student Programs and Family Engagement

New Hires & Moves - Student Affairs Departments

Directory Listing for New Hires & Moves - Student Affairs Departments
Name Title
Gerardo Solorzano University Housing Services
Haliee Shafer University Housing Services
Olaya Hernandez University Housing Services
Rogelio Contreras Student Support and Equity Programs
Alejandra Dolores Student Support and Equity Programs
Andrew Lemus University Housing
Alyssa Palos Orientation Services
Michael Pena Orientation Services
Cheyenne Smith, LCSW CAPS Counselor, Black Student Experience
Javier Cañas Cesar E. Chavez Center for Higher Education (TREE)