Student Conduct & Integrity


The confidentiality of a student’s educational records, including disciplinary records, are protected by the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA).  If a student is found in violation of the Student Conduct Code, the student will then have a disciplinary record with the University. A disciplinary record is a confidential file that’s held in the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity. For most cases they are held for seven years, and they can only be accessed a few ways:

  1. A record may be accessed by an individual other than the student is if the student gives Student Conduct & Integrity proper authorization. This authorization must be made in writing, with a verified signature of the student. Authorization can be revoked by the student at any time. The types of people who might look for permission to access a student’s disciplinary record are typically outside the University such as a friend, a family member, or a potential employer, or a graduate school.

  2. The Office of Student Conduct & Integrity can, without the student’s permission, share information about the student’s disciplinary record with University employees who require this information to perform their job duties or have a legitimate educational reason to know this information.

  3. If the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity receives a subpoena or a court order that demands access to a student's disciplinary record, Student Conduct & Integrity is obligated to comply with the request.

More information on FERPA is listed on the CPP's Registrar's Office website, which can be found here: