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César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education

César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education

Mission Statement

Welcome to the César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education!

The César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education (CECCHE) is committed to increasing the outreach, recruitment, retention, graduation and cultural pride of Chicanxs/Latinxs at Cal Poly Pomona.

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We exist because of a strong student activist movement aimed at establishing a more inclusive campus. The César E. Chávez Center for Higher Education (CECCHE) was the result of two years of demands by the Cal Poly Pomona RAZA students, supportive community representatives, and key Latinx leaders. On May 7th, 1993, approximately 120 students gathered to form a campus-wide protest. Students marched through the campus carrying a coffin signifying the death of diversity on campus. Today, the coffin still stands in the CECCHE as a symbol of our past struggles, current victories, and the hope for a better tomorrow. The demands and protests resulted in the formation and establishment of the CECCHE in the spring of 1995.


  • Academic Success/ Graduate School Preparation
  • Community Building
  • Career Readiness
  • Cultural & Arte
  • Identity Development 
  • Social Awareness 

Although we recognize that “Latino” has been able to center the experiences many communities – it also excludes non-binary people. We use the alternative term “Latinx” to go beyond gender and establish inclusivity in our language and center.