• Class Amphibia
    • Order Caudata – Salamanders
      • Family Plethodontidae – Lungless Salamanders
        • Batrachoseps major – Garden Slender Salamander (uncommon)
        • Aneides lugubris – Arboreal Salamander (rare)
    • Order Anura – Frogs
      • Family Bufonidae – True Toads
        • Anaxyrus boreas – Western Toad (possible as records near campus)
      • Family Hylidae – Treefrogs and Relatives
        • Pseudacris hypochondriaca – Baja California Treefrog (uncommon)

Degrees of occurrence (i.e., common / uncommon / rare / extremely rare) of listed species are based on observations that began several decades ago by Dr. Glenn Stewart and colleagues, and that continue by Dr. A. Kristopher Lappin and his students.  As has always been the case, the occurrence and abundance of species in any given area is under a constant state of flux due to varying abiotic and biotic factors.  In general, native species continue to decline.  Certain species are uncommon or rare due to limited habitat availability and continuing habitat loss on campus, particularly in the Voorhis Ecological Reserve.