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CFA Membership Drive!

SQEDear Colleagues:

Happy New Year! Thank you so much for your commitment to this diverse and genial campus, where we as faculty members safeguard our rights through membership in the California Faculty Association (CFA), a union representing more than 31,000 tenure-track faculty, lecturers, coaches, counselors, and librarians in the CSU system.

As officers of our campus CFA Executive Board, we would strongly encourage you to seriously consider joining CFA. Why should we join the union, and why does CFA membership matter? Because our votes matter, and because only CFA members can VOTE on issues concerning the collective bargaining contract (i.e., Collective Bargaining Agreement, or CBA), such as whether furloughs or layoffs are truly warranted or how to reform our salary structure in order to cope with the ever rising cost of living in this state.

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Member Communications | 15 Mar. 2021

To All CPP Students – Join the Students for Quality Education!

SQEFaculty and students of Cal Poly Pomona,

Students for a Quality Education (SQE) is an organization of students in the CSU dedicated to building a student movement for educational rights in public higher education. SQE works with the CFA on issues related to access, equity, and well-being in the university community.

For Students

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Political Action | 10 Mar. 2021

California Faculty Association – Pomona is a local chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA). To learn more about the CFA, visit the CFA Statewide website.