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Chapter News

A Note on Class Size Increases

Class Size IncreasesHello all:

This is Nicholas Von Glahn, the president of your chapter of the California Faculty Association. I, and the other leaders of our chapter, recognize that we face unique challenges in serving our students, our school, and our respective fields at this time. We hope that this communication finds you in good spirits as we near the end of the Fall 2020 term.

Exogenous circumstances have altered not only our individual work habits but also the habits of our Departments and Colleges. We understand that course offerings and assignments will in many cases need to be altered to accommodate these circumstances. However, it is incumbent on us to remind everyone that before class size can be increased above that established by past practice, there must be good-faith, bi-directional consultation with faculty. Deans and chairs must provide the opportunity and conduit for faculty feedback, and they must consider it in good faith. Furthermore, please note the following:

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Member Communications | 29 Nov. 2020

www.cfabargaining.org is Your Source for Bargaining Info and Updates

All-faculty meeting!The California Faculty Association bargaining team would like to share our new website with you! We hope you have some time to visit us at our new home at www.cfabargaining.org.

What we do – We initiate contract proposals with the CSU, receive and evaluate counterproposals, and report developments back to our Union.

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Resources | 20 Nov. 2020

California Faculty Association – Pomona is a local chapter of the California Faculty Association (CFA). To learn more about the CFA, visit the CFA Statewide website.