The Collins College Of Hospitality Management

Faculty Spotlight

Eddie Mao Named Department Chair

Eddie MaoFor the first time, The Collins College of Hospitality Management has appointed a department chair. Associate Professor Zhenxing (Eddie) Mao, a faculty member of the college for more than 10 years, has accepted the role.

As department chair, Mao will facilitate all faculty matters such as tenure and promotion, selecting adjunct faculty and scheduling of classes. He will represent the department on a university level as well.Before Mao’s appointment, Associate Dean Michael Godfrey took on the responsibilities of department chair in addition to college-level duties.

Because The Collins College has grown so much recently and continues to grow, there was a need for a department chair to facilitate student and faculty day-to-day operations. Mao feels he will bring value to the college and his colleagues. “The Collins College is still small enough to have a family culture, but big enough so we can include all the necessary resources and opportunities to benefit our students,” says Mao.

His appointment will allow The Collins College to better serve its students and faculty. The position will evolve over the next few years as it becomes more established and fine tuned.

“I want to enhance the positive working environment for our faculty members and provide great learning experiences for our students.” he says. “These are my two main goals so we can maintain and achieve a higher position on a state, national and international level.