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Caltrans Kellogg Closure

Caltrans will be closing the westbound San Bernardino Freeway (I-10) on-ramp at Kellogg Drive in early May. This is part of the Caltrans High Occupancy Vehicle Lane Project that will add an HOV lane to I-10, helping to alleviate traffic congestion.


Caltrans has not provided an exact date for the start of the closure. Cal Poly Pomona will continue to communicate with Caltrans and share updates with the campus community. The on-ramp closure is expected to last 90 days.


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The Waze app allows you to share and receive real-time traffic and road information with other drivers in your area. Download the app

For real-time updates on freeway conditions in your area and the commute to Cal Poly Pomona, go to Caltrans’ Quickmap.

Details about the San Bernardino Freeway High-Occupancy Vehicle Lane Project, background information, completion schedule and FAQs are available at Caltrans District 7 Project webpage.

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Summary of Project: The installation of security doors with card readers on the second and third floors and in stairwells of Building 121 (Student Services Building) will begin on Tuesday, April 16. Crews are scheduled to work nightly on weekdays from 9 p.m. to 6 a.m. to avoid disturbing building occupants. The work is expected to take four to six weeks to complete.

Reason for Disruption: Additional security doors on the northeast section of the building facing the parking lot and in Student Affairs will provide added security for confidential files in those areas.   

How does this affect me? Construction work will be performed after business hours to avoid disruptions to occupants of the building.

What do I need to do? Please share this information with others in the building who may not have received this message. 

For any questions or more information, please contact: Bruyn Bevans, senior project manager, at Ext. 5517.

Summary of disruption: Elevator No. 3 in Building 4 (Biotechnology Building) is out of service. While the elevator is out of service, use alternate elevators or stairwells.

What do I need to do? Please share this information with others in the building who may not have received this message.

For any questions or more information, please contact: Facilities Customer Service (Ext. 3030).

Reason for disruption: The region is in the midst of the rainy season. Facilities Management wants to assure the campus community that the department is being proactive and is implementing measures to minimize leaks, flooding and other potential damage.

How does this affect me? These types of disruptions are not easily resolved and can be ongoing. Please be assured that Facilities Management is prepared to mitigate impacts from the storm.

What do I need to do? Should your office, classroom or laboratory encounter a water leak or other problem caused by the storm, please report the incident to Facilities Customer Service at Ext. 3030. In addition to dispatching the appropriate crew, the information will be archived in our database.

For any questions or more information, please contact: Facilities Customer Service at Ext. 3030.

Scheduled Maintenance & Repairs

Summary of disruption: Facilities Planning & Management will repair the fire sprinkler system in 11 buildings starting on Tuesday, April 2. The work is scheduled to be completed on Thursday, April 5. Repair work will take place in hallways, offices and stairwells from 5 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Fire sprinkler repairs will be made in:

Building 4 (Biotechnology Building)

Building 8 (College of Science)

Building 9 (College of Engineering)

Building 15 (University Library)

Building 17 (Engineering Laboratories)

Building 24 (Music)

Building 26 (University Plaza)

Building 41 (Darlene May Gymnasium)

Building 92 (Laboratory Facility)

Building 98 (CLA Classroom side)

Building 209 (John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies)

Reason for disruption: To ensure that the fire suppression system is working properly.

How does this affect me? Alarms will sound intermittently throughout the day. Some doors may close automatically during testing. Facilities staff members will be on standby to open doors if necessary.

What do I need to do? Please share this information with others in the building who may not have received this message.

For any questions or more information, please contact: Facilities Customer Service (Ext. 3030).


Student Services Building Move

Cal Poly Pomona ushered in a new era at the grand opening of the Student Services Building (SSB), an architectural centerpiece of the campus.


Buoyed by sunshine on Friday morning, President Soraya M. Coley addressed elected officials, alumni, university donors, faculty and staff at the ribbon-cutting ceremony.


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How many spaces are in Lot C?

The reconfigured Parking Lot C contains approximately 150 spaces.


Who will be allowed to park Lot C?

Parking Lot C is intended for campus visitors. Student, faculty and staff permits are not valid in this lot.  


How are the parking spaces designated in Lot C?

·        There are approximately 60 one-hour parking stalls intended for visitors. One-hour only parking permits for this lot must be purchased at the kiosks located in Lot C or at the information booth.

·         12 stalls that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

·         8 spaces dedicated for medical parking permits.

·         Approximately 4 spaces for state vehicles.

·         Approximately 20 reserved stalls for guests of the university

·         8 electric carts stalls with charging capabilities.

·         Approximately 8 spots with 15-minute limits for Uber, Lyft and other ride services, as well as short-term drop-off and pickup to the SSB.     

·         A limited set of service stalls for campus personnel with service permits performing short-term business. These spaces are not intended for all-day use.


(It should be noted that most of the above designated spaces currently exist in adjacent lots and are being moved to Lot C.)


Will the Bronco Shuttle have a stop at the SSB? Will it still stop at the CLA?

Shuttle A will continue to stop near the CLA and the SSB


Can students park in Lot C?

Student permits will not be valid in Lot C. Student parking continues to be available in the parking structures and outlying lots.  


Is there faculty/staff parking?

There will be no faculty/staff parking in this lot. Parking Lots F4 and F8 remain in use for faculty/staff.  


Is there a drop off zone? Who will be allowed to use it?

The drop-off zone is just off Kellogg Drive and Red Gum Lane next to the SSB and is open to all campus personnel and visitors.


Is there a waiting areas?

Yes, there are approximately 8 stalls designated for 15-minute parking.


Is there vendor parking?

The lot will contain spaces for vendors and off-campus service personnel who come to the campus to provide services.


Will there be a new information booth?

A new information booth in the drop-off area is currently being designed.


Is there electric vehicle parking?

There are no new electric vehicle charging stations in Lot C. Charging stations remain available in Parking Lot K and Parking Structure 2.


Where is the designated golf cart parking area?

There are eight stalls designated for golf carts with charging capabilities.


When will enforcement in Lot C begin?

UPD will begin enforcement of Lot C on Tuesday, Jan. 22.

Where is the main entrance of the Student Services Building (SSB)?

There are two sides to the SSB, and the larger section contains the essential services and offices for students.  The main entrance to the larger section is located through the double doors on the south side of the building (closer to the University Library).

Where is the Bronco Advising Center?

The BAC has moved to the first floor of the SSB. Enter from the main entrance, turn left and walk to the blue counter. Offices for the Registrar and Financial Aid are also in that area.


Where is the Cashier’s Office?

The Cashier’s Office is on the first floor of the SSB. Enter from the main entrance, turn left and walk to the green counter.


Where should prospective students go for information?

Admissions, Outreach and other offices for prospective students are on the first floor of the SSB. Enter from the main entrance and walk up to the orange counter. That area includes: Admissions, Outreach, PolyTransfer, Graduate Studies and Early Start.


Where do I find a list of offices in the SSB?

Offices in the SSB are listed in PolyCentric and on this online map. The building also has kiosks with map information. Staff are also updating their individual office locations in Bronco411, the campus directory.


How do you reserve conference rooms in the SSB? Which will be available for faculty, staff, students?

Members of the campus community, which include faculty, staff and students, would be allowed to use the conference rooms. The reservation process is being addressed.

Are there access restrictions to the SSB?

All floors of the SSB are open to the public, but portions of the second and third floors will have limited access. Details about access for faculty and staff are undergoing discussion.

Are there vending machines or coffee machines?

Some of the break rooms will include vending machines or coffee machines.

Can the courtyard space be reserved?

Not at this time. Access to the courtyard and portions of the SSB are under discussion.

What is the emergency evacuation area?

Parking Lot C and the areas around the SSB are the planned evacuation areas.

Are people allowed to cut through the hills around the SSB?

No. Pedestrians should use the walkways adjacent to the SSB to get to their destinations. The campus’ landscaping department works diligently to maintain the pristine appearance of the landscaping.

Which restrooms in the SSB are open to the campus community?

The main restrooms are located on the first floor and are open to the campus community.

How many trees were removed? How many trees were planted?

A total of 22 trees were removed during the construction phase, but 153 were replanted as part of the new landscaping.

What is the square footage of the CLA Building, tower side?

The approximate square footage of the CLA Tower is 92,000. The SSB is 138,000 square feet.

Are any phone numbers changing?

Phone numbers to campus departments and staff who have moved into the SSB are not changing.

What are the hours of access for the SSB?

The SSB will be open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The hours may be adjusted to reflect usage patterns for the building.

What’s happening to the CLA Building?

There are no immediate plans for the future use of the tower portion of the CLA Building. The classroom side of the CLA will remain open. The two entrances on the first floor of the tower section will be sealed after departments on those floors move to the SSB. The CLA Building will be eventually shut down.

Will the Aratani Japanese Garden remain open?

Yes. The Aratani Japanese Garden will remain open for the enjoyment of the campus community and visitors to campus.

Will the 8th floor of the CLA Building be available for meetings/events?

Once the CLA is shuttered, the 8th-floor Heritage Room will no longer be available for meetings.


Will the bridge on the 4th floor connecting the two sections remain open?

Access to the CLA from the bridge will be closed once the building is shut down. The open area with succulents and other plants will remain open.

Learn where services are located in the new Student Services Building.

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To borrow the mantra of the real-estate industry, delivering on Cal Poly Pomona’s pledge of student success boils down to one detail: location, location, location.

The Office of Student Success on the seventh floor of the CLA Building oversees initiatives and programs that assist students, while the Bronco Advising Center ensures that students are making strides on their academic paths. These two centers that drive student success are separated by five floors, several elevators and a long corridor in the CLA.


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