Cal Poly Pomona Upward Bound / Math Science Services

Program Components

UB offers year-round services to its participants by providing an academic year and summer program learning experiences.  The academic year program learning is designed to maximize and compliment student’s high school experience.  All Upward Bound Activities are scheduled after school or on Saturdays. 


UB offers weekly after school tutoring sessions for its students on the high school campuses. These tutoring sessions help students with their classes and direct them toward high academic achievement. Tutors assist students in college preparatory classes such as mathematics, English, and laboratory sciences.

Bi‐monthly Advising Sessions

Students meet with Program Coordinators / Advisors and are guided in various areas. The focus is on planning college preparatory high school programs that will be counted toward college admission.

Parent/Guardian Involvement

Quarterly meetings are held for parents and guardians. These informational meetings are held to help parents/guardians become more aware of the process involved in sending their son or daughter to college. They offer information on college admissions, financial aid, and academic preparation.

Workshops/Supplemental Instruction

UB participants also attend workshops on how to apply for colleges, financial literacy and financing college education, career interests and goal setting, leadership and life skills, time management and study skills, and workshops designed to prepare students for tests such as the SAT and ACT.

Summer Residential Program

During the summer, UB students participate in a 6‐week residential program at Cal Poly Pomona. This program is highly structured and gives continuous academic support. Activities range from academic classes to recreational activities (including field trips to colleges/universities, museums, concerts, and community events). The dormitory experience allows for adaptation to the college environment. At the end of the summer, students leave with knowledge that contributes to their academic success and personal development.