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Office of Research

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Welcome to the Office of Research

The Office of Research oversees many functions, all in support of the Cal Poly Pomona Teacher-Scholar Model.  These functions include supporting applications for external contracts and grants (through the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs - ORSP), helping to ensure research compliance (Institutional Review Board - IRB for human and Animal Care and Use Committee - ACUC), support for the Office of Undergraduate Research, and support for the Technology Transfer/Industry Clinic.  We also provide oversight of the many University Centers and Institutes and administer various intramural awards to support research, scholarly and creative activity by faculty and students. 

Intramural awards that we administer include, for example, RSCA awards, the Provost Teacher-Scholar Program and Strategic Interdisciplinary Research Grants (SIRG). We also work closely with the Faculty Center for Professional Development and with the post-award Grants and Contracts office to better serve faculty, staff, and students from across the university.

 NEW CHALLENGES:  Why Teacher-Scholars are taking their research to the next level (DOC).

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2014 Cal Poly Pomona Provost’s Symposium on Faculty Scholarship

DECEMBER 12, 2014

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

Bronco Student Center


The 2014 Provost’s Symposium is a forum to learn about each other’s scholarly work, make new friends, renew old acquaintances, and enhance our appreciation of the rich and diverse array of professional endeavors pursued by the faculty at Cal Poly Pomona. 

All faculty are invited to attend the symposium.  Please plan to come and hear about what your colleagues are investigating, creating, and producing! 

Register to attend at


Program Summary

9:30 – 10:00      Registration and coffee, 2nd floor of the BSC


10:00 – 12:00    20-minute concurrent sessions with 10-minute breaks (Ursa Minor, Andromeda A, Andromeda B, Andromeda C, England Evans)


12:00 – 1:20      Lunch and Plenary Session:  Ursa Minor

                        Plenary:  Dr. Michael Cholbi, Philosophy. 

“The Ethical Basis of Parental Rights & Obligations”


1:30 – 3:50        20-minute concurrent sessions with 10-minute breaks (Ursa Minor, Andromeda A, Andromeda B, Andromeda C, England Evans)


Full Program (pdf)

Click on the Full Program for a table showing the timing of each talk.  A full program with abstracts will be available at the Symposium.