About the Program

The program features best practices in professional development and is designed to help teachers:

  • Deepen their understanding of core science concepts aligned to Next Generation Science Standards;
  • Examine how students make sense of those concepts and commonly misunderstand them;
  • Integrate Common Core State Standards for ELA and math into science lessons;
  • Analyze, reflect and enhance teaching and learning, and;
  • Deepen their understanding and experience engaging their peers in professional learning and collaboration.


Professional Development Includes Video Cases

The program focuses on core science concepts with appropriate Common Core State Standards in math and ELA in the context of video cases. Colleagues will watch, analyze and discuss video cases of veteran classroom teachers and themselves, examine student work and critically analyze instructional activities and decisions.

Professional Development Incorporates Language and Literacy

Language and literacy program components help colleagues unpack the academic language of science and math to effectively support students’ discourse and language development, particularly that of English learners.

Professional Development is Based on Rigorous Results

Studies show that this professional development program positively impacts both teacher knowledge and student achievement in science.  Research on programs with similar designs also show improved student learning in ELA and math.