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Blumner-Franklin Endowment for Children

From Poly Centric's Campus News

Retired Professor Funds Endowment ~ 2001

Sidney Blumner and Bob SuzukiEconomics professor Sidney Blumner recently retired from his full-time teaching position, but he remains very much in evidence on campus. On Sept. 27, 2001, he donated $10,000 to establish the Blumner-Franklin Endowment for Children.

The endowment was made on behalf of his mother, Annette Blumner, who was a special education teacher and administrator. The Blumner-Franklin Endowment will provide scholarships for children to participate in the university’s Motor Development Clinic. The clinic, which is part of the College of Letters, Arts & Social Sciences, provides movement therapy for children with disabilities between the ages of three and 13 who are experiencing movement problems. The Blumners and Dr. Perky Vetter

“This is the first scholarship of this nature to the Cal Poly Pomona Motor Development Clinic, which makes this a very special and important time,” said Perky Stromer, Motor Development Clinic director. “For over 23 years, the clinic has served children with disabilities. This will be the first time that we can offer help to those families in need.”

The BlumnersSince the Blumner-Franklin Endowment for Children was established in 2001, the BlumnerFranklin Family has donated additional money for this fund. They have also given money to the Motor Development Clinic for immediate use. Since 2003, 31 children and their families have received financial help through the Blumner-Franklin Scholarship. It is the goal of this scholarship to help those families who need the Motor Development Clinic service.