Student Conduct & Integrity

Welcome to the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity!

Our office is here to assist students, faculty, staff, and the campus community in keeping a safe and fair environment both inside and outside of the classroom. 

Our Mission

The Office of Student Conduct & Integrity is responsible for administering the California State University standards for the Student Conduct Code. The office promotes standards of behavior that support Cal Poly Pomona's mission, vision and values of learning, responsibility, integrity, inclusiveness, and excellence. The office impartially administers a disciplinary process that protects student rights, upholds the integrity of the academic community, and fosters ethical development.

This all in accordance with Executive Order 1098 and Title IX , as implemented through Executive Order 1095 and 1097.

Our Vision

The Office of Student Conduct & Integrity will objectively assess and respond to an extensive range of student misconduct while observing fundamental fairness, social justice, and due process of student rights.

Ensure that all students, faculty and staff are aware of university policies and procedures — particularly, the Student Conduct Code — for maintaining a positive and productive living-learning environment.

Create a reporting culture on campus so that students might know the value of academic integrity and the well being of all students. A reporting culture helps our students to practice accountability and prepare for the social and professional environment outside of the university.

Our Method

The Office of Student Conduct & Integrity executes a variety of methods to ensure that we complete our mission and fulfill our vision at Cal Poly Pomona:

Student Conduct & Integrity regards each student as an individual who deserves individual attention, consideration, and respect. Students should be confident that Student Conduct & Integrity implements an educational process which strives to hold students accountable for their actions. Our office receives incident reports from multiple sources regarding behavioral misconduct and academic integrity violations. Student Conduct & Integrity investigates each case, meets with the student(s) allegedly involved, and determines educational sanctions for the student(s) responsible for violating the Student Conduct Code. Student Conduct & Integrity also works to connect students to appropriate resources and offices in the campus community, so that students are supported during their time at Cal Poly Pomona. 

Our office also works to achieve our goals by engaging students, faculty, and staff through outreach to the campus community. Our office meets with colleges, departments and classrooms. Outreach includes workshops and sessions on reporting procedures, academic dishonesty, conduct code violations, and disruptive behavior.

Our Confidentiality

The confidentiality of a student’s educational records, including disciplinary records, are protected by the Family Education Right to Privacy Act (FERPA).  If a student is found in violation of the Student Conduct Code, the student will then have a disciplinary record with the University.  A disciplinary record is a confidential file that’s held in the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity.  For most cases they are held for seven years, and they can only be accessed a few ways:

  1. A record may be accessed by an individual other than the student is if the student gives Student Conduct & Integrity proper authorization. This authorization must be made in writing, with a verified signature of the student. Authorization can be revoked by the student at any time. The types of people who might look for permission to access a student’s disciplinary record are typically outside the University such as a friend, a family member, or a potential employer, or a graduate school.
  2. The Office of Student Conduct & Integrity can, without the student’s permission, share information about the student’s disciplinary record with University employees who require this information to perform their job duties or have a legitimate educational reason to know this information.
  3. If the Office of Student Conduct & Integrity receives a subpoena or a court order that demands access to student's disciplinary record, Student Conduct & Integrity is obligated to comply with the request.

For more information you may visit FERPA or view the Privacy Rights of Student Education Records