College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Undergraduate Program

lower division courses

Lower-Division Coursework (34 Units)

Our lower division coursework intends to introduce students to the seven subfields of political science. These core courses are the fundamental building blocks of our degree program. Students are required to take all seven lower-division core courses to have a basic understanding of all areas of the discipline.

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upper division courses

Upper-Division Coursework (40 Units)

After completing the lower-division requirements, students are allowed to then take upper-division courses from a selection of over 50 classes. Although students are required to take a minimum of two courses in three areas, we encourage students to specialize in a subfield of interest.  

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Support Courses, Unrestricted Electives & General Education (98-106 Units)

Students should consult the catalog website for current information regarding these requirement. Unless specific courses are stated under Support Courses, see the list of approved courses under General Education Requirements, Areas A through E. 

minor in political science

Minor in Political Science

Our department encourages majors from across colleges to take a minor in political science. The minor is designed to give students a fundamental understanding of the discipline, while also allowing for a closer examination of specific issues and contemporary problems in government. 

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california government exam

Senior Capstone Project

All Political Science majors complete one of two capstone classes, Senior Thesis or Senior Internship. Both are two-quarter sequences, in which students use their research skills and knowledge of the field to develop and conduct in-depth research projects. 

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california government exam

California Component Exam Information

To comply with requirements set forth by the State of California, we offer an exam for students that have taken the equivalent of Introduction to American Government (PLS 201) in high school or an institution outside of California. 

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