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Cyber Security & Awareness Fair

Trick or Treat: Why Your Choices Matter


Thursday,  October 29th 2015

Don't miss the annual Cyber Security and Awareness Fair at Cal Poly Pomona from 10 am to 2 pm. Cyber Security is one of the most rapidly evolving industries, so our goal at Cal Poly is to educate students on the latest threats and vulnerabilities. Whether you are already passionate about this field or newly curious about how these issues affect you, we invite you to discover and enjoy all of the resources that we offer in order to prevent you from becoming a target.

Women in Cyber Security

Despite the high demand and increase in job openings in the cyber security industry, women continue to be under-represented in the field.  The Cyber Security and Awareness Fair would like to encourage female prospects to pursue cyber security as a career path and to take advantage of all of the opportunities available within it.  Prestigious sponsors of the fair such as London Security Solutions and Trend Micro, can assist women in building connections and networking with professionals in the industry. Our female guests will also be able to obtain advice on how to get started with training on interview skills, resume advice, and appropriate cosmetic techniques.

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