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Launch your career in cybersecurity today by enrolling in one of these tremendous programs:

At Cal Poly Pomona, you have all the options you need to jumpstart your career in cybersecurity. Whether you are a first-time college freshman or pursuing a graduate degree, there are three different programs to choose from. Your future opportunities as a Bronco are endless! Each department's curriculum is dynamic and hands-on, following the school's polytechnic philosophy, "Learn by Doing". As a Computer Science major, you'll receive an education with extensive background in computer programming languages, computer architecture, and the design and application of algorithms. Focusing on cybersecurity? The PolySec lab is a center for education and research in information assurance, security, and forensics. A well-balanced curriculum, competitions, research and project opportunities support students for their cybersecurity careers. Prefer a more business focused approach? Our Computer Information Systems department gives students an education that aims to solve business problems with computing technology. Courses include programing, web development, software design, telecommunications, and basic knowledge of several business disciplines. If you're interested in engineering, then Electrical and Computer Engineering is just for you! ECE graduates design next generation smart phones, create advanced software, and find new ways to transmit power.

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 Cybersecurity Tips:

  • Before using a mobile app, review the permissions requested and grant the least amount necessary for the app to function
  • Change the default password for your home router to a strong password
  • The 'Internet of Humans' is a reality through medical devices. Ensure wireless access and authentication mechanisms in your device are secure
  • Ensure that you have backups of your data that are external, automated, and offline
  • Think first before you post. A split second of rage or seemingly innocent comment can have unforeseen consequences

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