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Student Resources

CPP has many programs that support students in their research endeavors. Contact OUR-CPP for assistance with navigating campus programs, processes, and services.

Getting Started in Research:

  1. Take a look at the OUR-CPP calendar for upcoming events.
  2. Attend OUR-CPP workshops to strengthen your research skills and network with other students interested in research.
  3. Talk to faculty members in your department to find out about research opportunities in your field of interest. Ask for recommendations on summer reading and preparation for senior research projects.
  4. Attend research conferences to learn more about research being conducted on and off campus. You can also view research by Cal Poly Pomona students through Bronco Scholar, a new electronic repository.
  5. Become an Achieve Scholar Peer Mentor and/or sign-up for OUR-CPP Facebook page to get updates on research events and activities.