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Faculty Mentor Research Stars

The Faculty Mentor Research Stars program recognizes faculty members who mentor students conducting, presenting, and disseminating their research.

To qualify for the STARS program...

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 Faculty mentors are encouraged to have their mentees submit an application to the Research Distinction by fall or spring deadline.

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 After the Distinction is awarded to the student, the faculty member will be notified of their STARS award.

Faculty members do not need to submit an application to be a part of the program. Each year we recognize featured STARS Mentors through the PolyX Showcase.

How it Works

The STARS program is centered around a tier-system that recognizes faculty mentors who are actively working with student researchers. The Tiers measure how many supported Research Distinctions a STARS Mentor has championed. Learn more about the Research Distinction

See the table below for a breakdown of the tiers:

Tier # of Student Research Distinctions
1 1 - 4
2 5 - 9
3 10 - 24
4 25 - 49
5 50+
Dr. Angel Valdes in a lab setting

Dr. Ángel Valdés
Featured STARS Mentor

“I have seen (my students) become confident speakers, productive scholars, and great mentors to other students in the lab. I have now students who have faculty positions or are in highly competitive PhD programs. I am very proud of their achievements!"

Dr. Ángel Valdés began working at CPP in the Biological Sciences department in 2006. With a passion for sea slugs and marine animals, he has taken on the role as mentor for 23 graduate students and 15 undergraduate students thus far. He became a STARS mentor in 2019.

Learn more about Dr. Valdés and other STARS mentors
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