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Semester Conversion

Semester Conversion will take place Fall 2018 when the University will be changing from the current quarter system to a new semester calendar. For more information on the Conversion Guide and the transition from quarters to semesters please visit the university Semester Conversion website.

List of FAQ's regarding semester conversion

Quarter to Semester Conversion Handbook

Semester Conversion Workshops

Do you have questions about semester conversion? Do you want to know how you will be affected by the quarter to semester transition? Stop by one of these workshops to learn more information and get your questions answered! No RSVP is required; first come, first served. These workshops are major specific.

Dates for Spring 2018 will be released soon.

Department Specific Conversion Information

Please view the following links to find out more specific semester conversion information. This information has been provided by your academic department. Be sure to look at the other College of Science department's conversion information for your support courses and other pre-requisites. Lastly, please be sure to continuously check your Cal Poly Pomona email for updates regarding this information.

Biological Sciences

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Computer Science

Geological Sciences

Kinesiology & Health Promotion

Mathematics & Statistics


Submit your Individual Academic Plan (IAP) & use MyPlanner to plan your path to graduation!

You may have an (Individual Academic Plan) IAP to-do list item on your account. This means you may be close to graduation! If so, we would recommend submitting your IAP as soon as possible as you may receive a hold. Submitting your IAP, will allow a faculty or staff advisor to review your plan to graduate!

If you do not have an IAP to-do list item on your account, you can still use the tool MyPlanner to plan your path to graduation! Feel free to show your plan to your advisor in your next advising session!

To watch a tutorial and find out more information about MyPlanner, please click here. Stop the Advising Center if you have questions! Our drop-in hours can be found here.

How are GE's Affected by Semester Conversion?

The only change to the GE structure will be GE area D. As you can see in the chart below, HST 202 will become D1, PLS 201 will become D2 and current D2 and D3 courses will merge to form D3 in semesters. If you have started GE area D1 in quarters please finish it in quarters by completing both HST 202 and PLS 201. If you are able, please try and complete lower division GE's before semester conversion.

*Adapted from Student Success Central -Semester Conversion website.

Quarter and Semester General Information 

Below is a general review of key similarities and differences between quarters and semesters.

*Adapted from Student Success Central -Semester Conversion website.

Tools You Should Explore to Assist You with Semester Conversion

The University has developed a toolbox to assist you with Semester Conversion.

Winter 2018 Student Success Ambassador Hours

Our Student Success Ambassador, Geline & Jiheng, can assist you with peer to peer support, navigating your path to graduation, and show how to use academic tools such as MyPlanner, Schedule Builder, and others.

Monday:   2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Wednesday: 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm

Thursday: 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Friday: 10:30 am to 4:30 pm

Have further questions, about Semester Conversion stop by the Advising Center!

In the Advising Center you will be assisted by our Academic Success Mentors, Alisher, Hana, Anissa, & Jason along with our Professional Staff Advisors- Ashley, Kristi, & Vannessa. We are located in Building 3, Room 1645. Please view our drop-in hours.


 *Every effort has been made to provide students with the most accurate and up-to-date semester conversion information for advising purposes. However, this information may be amended or changed at any time. Please continuously check your Cal Poly Pomona email for updates.  Last updated: February 2018