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Academic Advising

Dr. Walton and a student in the labChemistry majors (all options) are required to seek academic advising each semester during the designated advising period. Advising for Summer and Fall terms occurs in Spring semester, advising for Spring semester occurs in Fall semester. (The advising period is the two-week period before registration; see Schedule of Classes for exact dates.) Failure to complete the advising appointment will result in a hold being placed which will prevent the student from registering for classes. Follow the procedure below:

  • A schedule of available advising appointments will be posted on the door of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department-the department will notify students via email when the sign-ups are available.
  • Students should sign up for the timeslot with the advisor of their choice. It is important for students to sign up for, and keep, their scheduled appointments during the advising period! If you are unable to keep your advising appointment, you should contact your advisor or the department office immediately.
  •  If you fail to see an advisor during the advising period, you are responsible for finding an available advisor and making an advising appointment. (A list of advisors is available in the chemistry and biochemistry department office.) Once the appointment has been made, your advisor will be responsible for picking up your advising folder in the Chemistry and Biochemistry department prior to your advising session.


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