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Agricultural Research Institute


CPP ARI Policies

Matching Funds

  • Campus funding requests must include at a minimum a 1:1 external match, with the exception of Seed Funding.
  • At least twenty-five percent (25%) of the minimum required match must be a documented cash match.
    • Cash match is defined as cash, check and/or other negotiable United States currency contribution made by non-CSU parties that directly benefits and is specifically pertinent to an ARI or ARI master grant funded project.  
    • To be considered as cash match, donor funding must be deposited in an appropriate ARI member campus or state auxiliary foundation or corporation account.
    • Cash match may be received up to 6 months prior to the beginning of an ARI or ARI master grant award, but must be verified.
    • Proposals for which appropriate 1:1 external match cannot be documented within 90 days will be immediately cancelled and funding will be reallocated to other qualified proposals.
  • Cash or in-kind match originating from the CSU State Budget General Fund allocation, any other ARI funded program, previously funded ARI projects or other donations which have been previously utilized as match for other projects is specifically prohibited from being used as external match.
  • Priority will be given to those proposals that document 100% hard cash match.  Proposals with a combination of matching support are prioritized in order of highest percentage of cash match relative to the ARI funding request.

ARI Faculty Release / Overload Compensation Policy

  • For 9 Month Appointments:

    ARI funds:

    1. Can be used for release time of up to 12 WTU's per semester depending on department policies (i.e., DRTP criteria). 

    2. Can be used for summer salary up to ten weeks (50 days, or 400 hours). 

    3. Can be used for winter break salary up to three weeks (15 days, or 120 hours). 

    4. Cannot be used to purchase overload compensation at anytime during the academic year.

  • For 12 Month Appointments:

    ARI funds: 

    1. Can be used to purchase release time up to 12 WTUs per semester depending on department policies (i.e., DRTP criteria). 

    2. Cannot be used for overload compensation at anytime during the calendar year.

  • Definitions:

    Overload compensation (per Cal Poly Pomona Policy): Compensation of a maximum of 10 hours per week during the academic year. An overload exists only if the faculty is teaching 12 WTU's in a given semester. 

    Release time: WTU's purchased (bought out) by faculty member from gifts, contracts and grants. 

    Reassigned time: WTU's purchased with state general funds. Reassigned time is provided by the University, Dean and Department Chair.

    9 month appointment: Contract period is the academic year (2 semesters); does not accrue vacation.

    12 month appointment: Contract period is 12 months; accrues vacation.

Budget Revision Policy

  • A budget revision is required if more than 10% of the total budget is being redirected. 
  • A project director is only allowed two budget revisions in one year. 
  • All budget revisions must be approved by the campus coordinator.
  • Contact Wei Bidlack at wwbidlack@cpp.edu for instructions.

Review of Proposals

  • Proposals will be reviewed by a set of reviewers (ARI Proposal Review Committee) who will present their written reviews and recommendations to the entire Research Committee according to the criteria . The full research committee will make final rankings and funding level. Reviewers may be Research Committee members or may be selected from Cal Poly faculty or other qualified faculty in other Universities and Colleges. Reviews will be returned to the principal investigators with the panel summary and verbatim comments of the primary reviewers. In the case a proposal is not funded, the ARI encourages resubmission. The resubmitted proposal will contain a section in which the PI specifically addresses the reviewers comments.

ARI Proposal Evaluation Criteria (Page 36)

Crediting the ARI

  • The ARI requests that a statement be included in any publication crediting the ARI for funding. The language suggested is "This work was supported by the California Agricultural Research Institute grant number xx-x-xxx-xx." The grant number will be included in the award letter to the project director.