ARI - Agricultural Research Institute Annual Showcase


                                         Cal Poly Pomona Agricultural Research Institute Showcase                                          Kellogg West Conference Center, 7 April 2023 1:00pm – 5:00pm
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1:00  Poster Session

         ARI-funded projects (active projects).  Principal Investigators and students available for questions & discussion.

2:00 Opening Remarks

  • Dr. Soraya M. Coley, President, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Dr. Martin F. Sancho-Madriz, Interim Dean, Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Dr. Ondieki Gekara, ARI Campus Coordinator, Cal Poly Pomona

2:15 Oral Presentations

  1. Dr. Subodh Bhandari, Aerospace Engineering, “Autonomous Coordination between UAVs and UGVs for Precision Farming”
  2. Dr. Aaron Fox, Plant Science, “Carbon Sequestration, and Improved Soil Water Holding Capacity”
  3. Dr. Ondieki Gekara, Animal &Veterinary Sciences, “Determine the Effect of Annual Grass/Legume Mixtures on Performance of Weanling Calves”
  4. Dr. Xu Yang, Nutrition & Food Science, “The Development of an Antimicrobial Zein-Based Coating for Agricultural Water Disinfection”
  5. Dr. Erin Questad, Biological Sciences, “Precision-Restoration Treatments for Post-fire Wildland Ecosystems in Southern California”

3:05 Break/posters

3:20 Oral Presentations (continued)

  1. Dr. Jiangning Che, Apparel Merchandising & Management, “Orange Peel Colorants Extraction for Textile Coloration”
  2. Javier Ramirez, Lab of Dr. Juanita Jellyman, Biological Sciences, “A Circadian Pathway to Better Beef?”
  3. Dr. Alex John, Chemistry & Biochemistry, “Catalysis for Sustainable Production of Chemicals from Agricultural Residue”
  4. Dr. Frances Mercer, Biological Sciences, “Bovine Neutrophils Kill the Sexually-Transmitted Parasite Tritrichomonas foetus Using Trogocytosis” 
  5. Dr. Gabriel Davidov-Pardo, Nutrition & Food Science, “Effect of the Glycation of Ɛ-polylysine with Dextran Using the Maillard Reaction”

4:10 Oral Presentation Closing Remarks

4:15 Poster Session (continued)