ARI - Agricultural Research Institute Annual Showcase


                                         Cal Poly Pomona Agricultural Research Institute Showcase                                          Kellogg West Conference Center, 3 May 2024 1:00pm – 5:00pm
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1:00  Poster Session

         ARI-funded projects (active projects).  Principal Investigators and students available for questions & discussion.

2:00 Opening Remarks

  • Dr. Soraya M. Coley, President, Cal Poly Pomona (Video)
  • Dr. Martin F. Sancho-Madriz, Interim Dean, Don B. Huntley College of Agriculture, Cal Poly Pomona
  • Dr. David Still, Executive Director, California State University Agricultural Research Institute
  • Dr. Ondieki Gekara, ARI Campus Coordinator, Cal Poly Pomona

2:10 Oral Presentations

  1. Dr. Yao Olive Li, Nutrition and Food Science, “Antimicrobial Effect of Orange Pomace and Derived Polyphenols on Common Foodborne Pathogens”
  2. Jane Zhang, Lab of Dr. Xu Yang, Nutrition and Food Science, “The Utilization of Bacteriophage as a Biocontrol Agent for Proactively Prevent Escherichia Coli in Microgreen Cultivations”
  3. Dr. Chantal Stieber, Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Nickel Complexes for Reducing Nitric Oxide and Implications for Agricultural Denitrification”
  4. Dr. Junjun Liu, Biological Sciences, ”Innovative Alternatives to Antibiotics to Prevent and Treat Avian Colibacillosis”
  5. Dr. Yi (Fionna) Xie, Agribusiness and Food Industry Management/Agricultural Sciences, “Embedding Nostalgia in Consumer Communication to Enhance Acceptance of 'Ugly' Produce”

3:00 Break/posters

3:20 Oral Presentations (continued)

  1. Dr. Harmit Singh, Nutrition and Food Science, “Impact of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Almond Protein on Its Functional Characteristics”
  2. Dr. Honggang Wang, Technology and Operations Management, “Piloting Blockchain Technology for Food Safety and Supply Chain Transparency”
  3. Dr. David Still, California State University Agricultural Research Institute, “Improving Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Lettuce by Selecting for Root Characteristics”
  4. Dr. Bharti Sharma, Biological Sciences, “Bridging Agri-Science and Technology: Decoding Pre- and Post-Pollination Molecular Changes in Aquilegia using Comparative Transcriptomics”
  5. Dr. Rachel Blakey, Biological Sciences, “Predators as Natural Enemies for Pest Control in Californian Orchards”

4:10 Oral Presentation Closing Remarks

4:15 Poster Session (continued)