CSU ARI, agriculture scientists looking through microscopes and doing other scientific activity
Agricultural Research Institute

Research Areas

Research Areas Supported by the ARI

  1. Genomics and Future Food and Fiber Production.
  2. Food Safety.
  3. Improving Food, Nutrition, and Communities for Better Human Health.
  4. Agricultural and Food Security.
  5. Agricultural Opportunity and Rural Prosperity.
  6. Natural Resources and Environmental Quality.
  7. Animal and Plant Biosecurity.
  8. Plants and Environmental Adaptation.
  9. Managed Ecosystems.
  10. Soils and Soil Biology.
  11. Watershed Processes and Water Resources.
  12. Air Quality
  13. Improving Human Nutrition for Optimal Health.
  14. Human Nutrition and Obesity.
  15. Epidemiological Approaches for Food Safety.
  16. Animal Reproduction.
  17. Animal Growth and Nutrient Utilization.
  18. Animal Genomics
  19. Animal Genome Reagent and Tool Development
  20. Animal Protection.
  21. Functional Genomics of Agriculturally Important Organisms.
  22. Integrative Biology of Arthropods and Nematodes.
  23. Arthropod and Nematode Gateways to Genomics.
  24. Biology of Plant-Microbe Associations.
  25. Biology of Weedy and Invasive Plants
  26. Plant Genome, Bioinformatics, and Genetic Resources.
  27. Genetic Processes and Mechanisms of Crop Plants.
  28. Developmental Processes of Crop Plants.
  29. Biochemistry of Plants and Plant Symbionts.
  30. Markets and Trade.
  31. Rural Development.
  32. Improving Food Quality.
  33. Biobased Products and Bioenergy Production Research.
  34. Improved Utilization of Wood and Wood Fiber
  35. Engineering for Agriculture and Food Systems.
  36. Water
  37. Policy Areas