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2021 AI Summer Retreat

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
my vaccine knocked me out,
how about you?

- Cynthia Aguilar & Lauren Bernal

Dear COVID-19,
A deadly disease that can’t be seen,
This pandemic’s shown not everyone’s keen,
It’s changed our lives,
it’s changed our routine,
Please wear a mask until you get the vaccine

- Micayla Anderson & Rhys Rygg

One case two cases three
Not climbing makes us so sad
Now vaxed and arms bruised

- Ever Barraza & Winny Dong

Dear COVID-19,
I’m still bad at poetry,
but thanks for more Newsom on my TV,
He’s a fine specimen,
But not like Jon Ossoff the new Congressman

- Michelle Allende

Dear Covid,
you changed our lives,
you hurt a lot of people,
Please go away now

- Ericka Olguin

Dear COVID-19,
Go away right now,
Don’t come back coward,
You surely create anger; worries; depression & fear & I dearly dislike you

- Queenie Du

Dear Covid-19,
Zoom technology.
Window and mirror for our owns self-reflection.  

- Claudia Garcia-Des Lauriers

Dear COVID-19,
I truly hate you but thank you for teaching me how to be a hair-dresser/barber, a chef!, a baker, a gardener, a barista, (my) personal trainer, a workaholic, ….Thank you!

- Nastaran Simarasl

Unknown I dont know what I dont know
But I do know theres Hope.
In a world full of uncertainty theres only three things I know.
Family. Health. Optimism.

- Jesus Bermudez & Won Choi

You sent us all home --
Time with family and rest --
We're glad to be back!

- Elisa Mitchell & Kenneth Lamb

Dear Covid-19,
this is not a haiku.
I'm so glad I got Pfizer,
because I'm sort of sick of you

- Jonelle (Jo) Trillo

Dear COVID-19,
This experience has been anything but a dream.
All the pain and suffering makes us want to scream.
Longing for the opportunity a hug a friend, welcoming family as we began.
To celebrate that for some this is coming to an end.
Hoping an praying the world will mend.

- Bryant Fairley & Jenna Kim

Dear COVID-19.
You gave us time to reflect.
Gave time with loved ones.

- Renwell Queyquep & Olukemi Sawyerr

Dear COVID-19,
You took us to our knees and tested all our wills
You thought you’ll break us down
In the end we all came back stronger
And more resilient
Thank you for the lessons
But humanity still prevails and
we learn that time is precious and
appreciate the little things in life!

- Joselyn Yap

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
Covid-19 is boo-hoo!

- Sinan Cakir & Judy Nguyen

Dear COVID-19.
You do not get to own us.
The vaccine is here!

- Renwell Queyquep & Olukemi Sawyerr

2020 AI Fall Retreat

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2020 AI Summer Retreat

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