Special Projects For Improving The Classroom Experience (SPICE)

Special Projects for Improving the Classroom Experience (SPICE)


About SPICE Competition
Special Projects for Improving the Classroom Experience (SPICE)

Special Projects for Improving the Classroom Experience (SPICE)

The Special Projects For Improving The Classroom Experience (SPICE) is a grant initiative funded by the Student Success Fee. It aims to improve student learning by supporting the development and implementation of innovative teaching methods and new course experiences in both physical and virtual classrooms. The grant also provides funds for enhancing classroom and lab equipment, including software and specialized furniture. This includes creating accessible online course materials, inviting guest speakers, developing high-quality hybrid courses, and other resource provisions.

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Over $610,910 awarded for Innovative Approaches to Instruction

Over $546,492 awarded for Modernization of Classroom Equipment

Over $1,160,000 of funds awarded to SPICE Proposals in 2023-2024

About SPICE Competition

Classroom Innovation

Innovate Your Classroom Experience

Funds from the Student Success Fee can be accessed to foster and execute innovative or demonstrably effective teaching methods. The primary goal of this funding is to enhance instructional techniques, whether for in-person or online classrooms, that significantly improve student learning outcomes. Members of Unit 3, including tenured and probationary faculty, lecturers, librarians, counselors, and coaches, are welcome to present their proposals. These proposals can be put forward by individual faculty members or collaborative faculty teams.

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Innovate Your Classroom Experience

Classroom Modernization

About SPICE Competition
Modernize Classroom Equipment

Modernize Your Classroom Equipment

The Student Success Fee provides funds to update classroom tools, software, and to modernize specialized lab and classroom equipment. Proposals can be submitted by academic departments, colleges, and programs. However, individual faculty members cannot submit proposals. Additionally, spaces primarily used for research are not eligible for proposal submissions.

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Featured SPICE Recipients

Dr. Shokoufeh Mirzaei

College of Engineering

Equipping the IME Department’s Automation laboratory with a New Material Handling Robotic Arm, Controller, Touchscreen Teach-Pendant, and Software

Dr. Peter Hanink

College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

Criminology Media Lab 

Dr. Weimin Li

College of Environmental Design 

Big Data (BD), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) for Environmental Design Education
About SPICE Competition

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SPICE Application

For proposal submission, the components noted in planning your proposal will be entered into the InfoReady proposal submission and review platform. Please note that proposals may be submitted starting on November 13th, 2023, and are due on January 26th, 2024, by 11:59pm.

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