Office of Academic Innovation

Mission & Vision

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The Office of Academic Innovation (AI) at Cal Poly Pomona cultivates the success of diverse students by
  • Fostering an inclusive culture of innovation and creativity in teaching, research, and experiential learning.
  • Preparing students for a variety of dynamic and rapidly changing career and professional experiences.
  • Collaborating with students, faculty, staff, and community and industry partners to foster innovative curricular/co-curricular strategies aimed at nurturing learning for life and impact in the Cal Poly Pomona community and beyond.


By the year 2028, the office of Academic Innovation (AI) at Cal Poly Pomona will be an adaptive and versatile national model for developing intentional, equity-minded, and transformative educational experiences that prepare students for the future of work, human, and civic engagement.

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Provide strategic leadership, oversight, and guidance to the Career Center (CC), Center for Community Engagement (CCE), Innovation Incubator (II), Kellogg Honors College (KHC), Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR), and Student Innovation and Idea Labs (SIIL); support the formulation and implementation of unit goals, and assessment plans; and build a strong, high-functioning, collaborative team culture across AI.
Lead the design and institutionalization of an equity-minded career and professional readiness model that enables our diverse students to develop, through sequenced curricular and co-curricular experiences, the essential skills and competencies that prepare them for a variety of dynamic, rapidly changing professional landscapes.
Create infrastructure to support faculty and staff success in developing and launching inclusive, equity-minded innovative curricula and cocurricular experiences for students.