Office of Academic Innovation
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Office of Academic Innovation

The offices of Academic Innovation curate experiential learning, discovery and innovation opportunities for the Cal Poly Pomona community.

CPP Invests

The vision of CPP INVESTS is to expand student pathways to continued STEM education and integration into the STEM workforce through interventions during three critical transitions in the STEM student life cycle: secondary to post-secondary education, lower division to upper division STEM courses, and graduation to the STEM workforce.

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The hallmark of a Cal Poly Pomona education is Signature Polytechnic Experiences (PolyX). AI offers you a one-of-a-kind educational experience through experiential learning, multi-disciplinary perspectives, collaboration and professional readiness. 

Click any of the PolyX below to find out how you can participate!

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Faculty & Staff Opportunities

AI offers faculty and staff opportunities for experiential learning, creativity, discovery and multidisciplinary collaboration through institutes, sandboxes and innovative curricular. Click any circle below to learn how you can participate.

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Olukemi Sawyerr, Ph.D.

AVP Academic Innovation


Phone: 909-869-2427

Winny Dong, Ph.D.

Faculty Director, LTD Initiative


Phone: 909-869-2634

Ericka Olguin



Phone: 909-979-6378

Sinan Cakir

Student Assistant

Micayla Anderson

Communications Specialist


Judy Nguyen

Student Assistant