Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS)

Crisis Assistance from Faculty, Staff, and Families

For Students in Need

If a student is having a life-threatening medical or mental health emergency at any time, please dial:

  • On-campus:  University Police at (909) 869-3070
  • Off campus:  9-1-1


Thank you for making your way to this page.  We genuinely appreciate the time you are taking to help a student who may be experiencing a crisis.  It can be difficult for someone to ask for help - the time you are taking now to find help for a student can go a long way in helping them feel understood and supported.

Signs of a Student Needing Support

Some signs of a student in distress include, but are not limited to:

  • A student confided in you that they are going through emotional pain and they are having a difficult time coping alone.
  • A student tells you they feel hopeless about the future, are having thoughts of harming themselves or others, or are experiencing hallucinations.
  • A student tells you, or you notice, that they are no longer taking care of themselves (e.g., eating, bathing).
  • Increased absences from class, or decreased participation in class.
  • Disruptive behaviour in class.


Getting a Student Help

  • Reach out to the student and express concern.
  • Listen to the student's experience in a non-judgmental way - convey understanding and your intent to support them.
  • Refer the student to CAPS to speak with a mental health counselor for professional help.


Crisis Assistance by Telephone

  • In person crisis support is available during normal business hours Monday thru Friday, 8:00 a.m. thru 4:30 p.m., in Building 66 Room 116.
  • After business hours crisis support is available by calling our main line at (909) 869-3220, and pressing option 2 when prompted by the voicemail to speak with a counselor.
  • If a student is in crisis (non-life threatening medial or mental health emergency) and they are with you, encourage student to telephone CAPS while there with you.



Refer a Student of Concern

Concerned about a student, classmate, or friend here on campus?  The Care Center is the first place to send students who are in distress or are of concern.  Case managers will connect students to resources they need to succeed, support them through crises, provide advocacy, and offer basic needs services.

Refer a Student of Concern


Additional Resources

For additional information on helping students in distress see Suicide Prevention for Faculty and Staff.

CAPS is a resource for mental health consultation for faculty, staff, and families in support of students' wellbeing.  We are available to consult with you regarding general mental health concerns about students and connect you to the appropriate referrals.