Counseling & Psychological Services


At this time we would like to announce that all of our workshops will be postponed until further notice. If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (909) 869-3220 or email us at Thank you!

While people often think of individual counseling as the primary way of accessing services, students often find that attending a workshop can assist in coping with their concerns.

CAPS Wellbeing Workshops are drop-in sessions designed to teach students coping strategies for a variety of presenting concerns, such as stress, relationships, negative emotions, and communication difficulties. Workshops are different from group therapy in that participants are not expected to disclose information regarding their personal problems. However, participants are encouraged to ask questions and participate in discussion during the workshop.

  • Currently enrolled students are eligible to attend the Wellbeing Workshops. All wellbeing workshops are conducted on a drop-in basis and no appointment is necessary.
  • Students will be admitted on a first come, first serve basis due to space limitations. 
  • Workshops are located in CAPS, Building 66-116, unless otherwise noted.
  • Workshops are approximately 50 minutes.

Wellbeing Workshops


 Communication IRL: Back to the Basics

Are you having difficulty expressing your thoughts and feelings in your relationships with friends, family members, romantic partners or professors? If so, this workshop can help you improve your relationships by identifying tools that promote effective communication that will foster greater relational health with those around you.  Facilitator: Denise Urzua, LMFT

Tuesday 2/11/20 at 12 PM                          Monday 3/16/20 at 3 PM                             Thursday 4/23/20 at 11 AM



 Dating Bootcamp

Dating can often seem complicated and confusing. Learn targeted skills that will help you navigate the dating process.  Facilitator: Jennifer Kohagura, Psy.D.

Wednesday 2/12/20 at 2 PM                      Thursday 3/26/20 at 12 PM                       Monday 4/13/20 at 3 PM


Managing Conflict      

This workshop will help you learn various ways to manage conflict and the emotions that they trigger using healthy communication strategies. It will also help you determine whether conflict is a sign to end a relationship or an opportunity to develop greater understanding and intimacy.  Facilitator: Arthur Ritmeester, Ph.D.

Thursday 2/27/20 at 11 AM                       Monday 3/23/20 at 10 AM                          Tuesday 4/21/20 at 3 PM



 Coping with Emotions                                 

We all have experiences and feelings that can be overwhelming at times. Come learn exercises that can help you recognize, accept, and cope with your emotions.  Facilitator: Hanna Lee, Ph.D.

Thursday 2/20/20 at 12 PM                       Tuesday 3/24/20 at 12 PM                          Monday 4/27/20 at 11 AM


Getting Unstuck: Finding Purpose and Fulfillment (FPF)   

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you feel a lack of motivation, purpose and fulfillment? This mindfulness workshop is designed to help you get unstuck and find the compass that guides you in creating a rich, purposeful, and meaningful life. Facilitator: Jime Salcedo, Psy.D.

Tuesday 2/25/20 at 1 PM                            Wednesday 3/25/20 at 3 PM                      Thursday 4/30/20 at 11 AM



 Self-care + Balance                    

In this workshop, you will create a self-care plan that fits your life, learn ways to treat yourself better, get tips to reduce stress, practice relaxation, and set priorities to bring you balance. This workshop is a good fit if you could use some much needed time for you.  Facilitator: Lideth Ortega-Villalobos, Ph.D.

Thursday 2/6/20 at 12 PM                          Wednesday 3/11/20 at 3 PM                      Tuesday 4/14/20 at 1 PM



 I Heart Me                                                               

Everyone needs a boost of self-esteem once in a while.  In this workshop, you will learn strategies to increase your self-esteem including how to improve your mood, eliminate your inner critic, minimize judgment, develop compassion for yourself, and affirm your positive attributes.

Facilitator: Dao Nguyen, Ph.D.

Thursday 2/13/20 at 12 PM                       Tuesday 3/17/20 at 11 AM                         Monday 4/20/20 at 3 PM                            



 Bounce Back

We have all experienced stress and challenging life circumstances. This workshop will help you learn how stress impacts your brain and overall health. You will be offered strategies to cope and bounce back from stressful situations.

Facilitator: Maria Gisela Sanchez Cobo, LMFT

Tuesday 2/18/20 at 12 PM                          Thursday 3/12/20 at 2 PM                          Monday 4/6/20 at 11 AM


Staying Your Course

Have you experienced a time you felt stressed by your responsibilities or life’s difficulties? This workshop will teach you skills to help you to persevere through adversity while feeling undeterred despite the bumps in the road. Learn how to respond effectively to stress and identify your values so you can stay your course in life.

Facilitator: Arthur Ritmeester, Ph.D.

Tuesday 2/4/20 at 11 AM                            Thursday 3/5/20 at 3 PM                             Wednesday 4/8/20 at 3 PM