Center for Customer Insights and Digital Marketing

Customer Insights Consultancy Program

Consulting class
A Real World Project Driven Class over two semesters, Fall and Spring.

Since 2012, students who have taken our project-driven classes have been hired by world-class market research companies such as Kantar Research and Lieberman Research Worldwide, in part, thanks to the hands-on nature of the program. For this program, we will select a small number of promising students. Outstanding students with strong detail-orientation and excellent communication skills are strongly encouraged to contact the professors with (1) resume with GPA and (2) a cover letter stating why taking this class will enhance your career preparation. Applicants will be vetted and admitted based on merit. Click here to find out where our graduates are.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • CBA students whose primary emphasis are Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, and Marketing Research are especially welcome.
  • All CBA majors and minors with a minimum GPA of 3.0 (preference will be given to 3.4 and above.)
  • Anyone who wants to expand knowledge in data analytics, entrepreneurship, market research, and consulting. 

  • Learn the consulting process from proposal development to generating insights from data, and to making actionable recommendations.
  • Gain experience with questionnaire design, data mining, data analytics, and storytelling.
  • Prepare for a job involving some aspects of market research, data science, new product development, pricing strategy, promotions, and consulting.

  • Both Dr. Stein and Dr. Jung will be in both classes, teaching students customized content.
  • No textbook. All course materials will be provided through Blackboard, customized for the project.
  • The professors will guide students through forming the goals of the project, selecting the analytics method, designing a study, collecting data, analyzing data, and creating a final presentation slide.
  • Class time is T/H 1:00–2:15 pm during Fall and Spring.
  • Students will register for IBM 4092 (Market Research Consulting I) in the Fall and IBM 4952 (Market Research Consulting II) in the Spring. Because both professors are involved in teaching, however, we ask students to enroll in one more class – IBM4990 (Special Topics for Upper Division Students) – additionally, each semester, even though there will is no additional meeting time for IBM 4990.
  • Prerequisites: IBM301/3012 (Principles of Marketing Management) and TOM302/3020 (Foundations for Business Analytics).

  1. Step 1:  Email both Dr. Randy Stein ( and Dr. Jung ( an application packet consisted of (1) your resume with GPA and (2) a cover letter stating why taking this class will enhance your career preparation
  2. Step 2: We will contact you to set up an interview late this week or next week.
  3. Step 3: Once you are admitted into the program, you will enroll in IBM4092 and IBM4990 for fall, and IBM4952 and IBM4990 in the spring. All enrollments must be approved by Dr. Stein and Dr. Jung