CBA RSCA Showcase

2021 CBA RSCA (Research, scholarship, and creative activities) Showcase


The College of Business Administration is holding its second Business Research Showcase online. As part of Cal Poly Pomona Celebration of Research Week , students from all Colleges are encouraged to share their intellectual contributions at the colleges and at University platforms such as RSCA (Research, scholarship and creative activities) that showcase and celebrate their work. Owing to the ongoing pandemic and respecting the social distancing norms, this year’s Showcase will again be held online, asynchronously. CBA students have submitted abstracts and videos that showcase their traditional research and other  scholarly contributions for the 2020-2021 academic year.

How to Interact in the Showcase
As students are unable to present in person, the showcase will take place virtually. Students prepared video presentations of their work for faculty and fellow students that can be viewed online. By clicking on ‘2021  Student Projects’ in the navigation menu, you can can get more information on these submissions. To view a presentation, click the emdedded link  within the submission. We encourage you to ask questions, and provide constructive feedback so as to encourage and applaud our student researchers at CBA.