CBA RSCA Showcase

Welcome to the Second Annual CBA RSCA Showcase

Message from the CBA Dean

Image of Dean Erik Rolland

Dr. Erik Rolland

College of Business Administration

Participating in a  traditional research project or a similar polytechnic experience project provides students with an opportunity to apply their classroom knowledge to something exciting and impactful. A student who undertakes a project with a faculty member, a research center client or a non-profit organization, has done something elevated for their education. Not only does it give them an experience that can benefit their careers, it also helps them to develop the critical thinking skills needed to investigate, develop and share their work on complex problems. In some cases, participating in undergraduate research is a gateway to graduate school. For many, it's a chance to explore something exciting in their discipline, working with a faculty member to discover something new.

Not every student undertakes this type of research or project and the College applauds students who were willing to take a risk and do something to broaden their thinking. Welcome to the inaugual CBA RSCA Showcase.


First and foremost, a big round of  applause for our student researchers and  CBA faculty mentors for their continued commitment to research and scholarship despite the challenges owing to the pandemic. Our faculty mentors extend themselves beyond their traditional classrooms and mentor students to create opportunities for hands-on-polytechnic experiences.

 A huge thanks to Dr. Preeti Wadhwa for  leading the planning and organizing  of the CBA virtual Research Showcase for the second year, and  Christopher Neprasch  and Dr. Mehrded Koohikamali for their help with the web development. This event would not have been possible without the strong support of Dean Erik Rolland and Associate Dean, Dr. Cheryl Wyrick. Thank you Dean Rolland and Dr. Wyrick!