Interdisciplinary General Education

Interdisciplinary General Education

Why IGE?

Study multiple disciplines in seminar-style, active-learning classes. Gain presentation skills that will make you stand out in any field. Think creatively. IGE is a unique, stimulating way to get some of your General Education credits in one unified program. Each of our classes is a central hub where different subjects come together and relate to each other in ways you might have never imagined.

You are invited to question, consider multiple perspectives and form your own conclusions based on both research and learn-by-doing experience. IGE is a learning community: both students and professors are “co-learners.”

Ask questions. Challenge assumptions.

Ask questions, challenge assumptions and find your own answers. IGE combines humanities, social sciences, and writing into small interdisciplinary classes that are full of interaction and hands-on experiences.

Musuem visit
Bowers Museum Visit (IGE 122)

After you finish your first course, we guarantee a seat for you for the rest of the program.

To help you develop your own insights about a big issue, we read literature, study history, watch and analyze plays and films, take field trips to museums, and do community service learning. As part of a collaborative team or on your own, you invent novel ways to present your points of view and your findings, from puppet shows to nature hikes to 3-D constructions.

Relevant skills you’ll learn

Alumni who have gone through our complete program tell us that the skills they acquired in IGE make them more effective in their careers. These skills include making effective presentations to groups – from organizing your rationale to effective use of visual aids. Writing persuasively and concisely. Collaborating with others or leading a team. Asking astute questions. Being able to examine problems from multiple points of view. Developing out-of-the-box solutions.